Mountain Town

I’m so glad you all enjoyed the photos last night – I really had to hold myself back and not include TOO many. It’s just so picturesque here it’s unbelievable. I really feel like I’m in a scene straight out of Everwood! We headed into two today to see what our breakfast options would be […]

Iced Coffee Kind of Day

Morning people! This day is off to a great start. I woke up bright and early, headed down to the gym and got a nice workout in! There’s nothing like a morning workout to get your day started off on the right foot. All they talked about on the news was how HOT it’s going […]

Breaking Up the Bliss

Sooo here’s how my morning started – Ahh Saturdays. There are few things I love more than Saturday mornings. You have the whole weekend ahead of you and nothing to do, nowhere to…OH CRAP! I have an eye appointment that I’m supposed to be at!! Luckily I remembered in just enough time to walk there […]