Not Bad for No Groceries

Not a bad day at all for a Monday! I woke up with absolutely NO groceries in the house but somehow still managed to eek 3 more-than-decent meals out of what I had! Fruit was non-existent so pumpkin oats it was! Into the bowl went: 1/2 cup Coach’s oats 1/2 cup canned pumpkin 1 tbsp […]

Rained All Day

The rain stayed all day today and is still coming down outside.  They’re saying it’s supposed to clear up by tomorrow though so…fingers crossed! Lunch today was the usual: I will just never tire of veggie burger salads. Or Honeycrisp apples.  I’m definitely on a kick. Dinner was easy: Baked tofu, hummus, corn on the […]

Double Veggie Burgers

I’m so glad so many of you thought my pumpkin pancakes looked good!  They were ABSOLUTELY delicious.  I highly recommend making them (truthfully it was tough for me not to eat them for every meal today). I was going strong for a while and (oddly) – I made some coffee around 4pm and just completely […]