A Day In the Life Of…Part II

Hey Guys and Gals – This is going to be a bit of a drive-by posting as I’m totally exhausted and just need to kick back and relax. I’ll try to do more “day in the life of’s” for you all since it’s better than nothing! Breakfast – egg white roll up and a venti […]

Change of Flavors

Halfway through watching The Office last night my brother-in-law presented us all with a surprise! CHOCOLATE TOFU PIE!! Holy Moly was this more than a welcome surprise! It was completely delicious and the best part was that it didn’t feel to heavy and filling! What a guy 🙂 Thanks Ethan!! I’ll have to try to […]

Dinner and a Show

I managed to sneak in a quick 3.5 mile run later this afternoon and it felt fabulous. I so miss my Needham Fall runs. All the families are prepping dinner and the kids are soaking in the last few hours of daylight…it’s just wonderful. I came home to Julia parading around in her Ariel Halloween […]