Sisters Who Blog

My sisters are my best friends in the whole world.  We do everything together and often are inseparable when we’re all together.

After I started blogging, my sisters both started blogs of their very own, which I love because being so far away and in 3 different states, it helps us keep up with each other’s lives.

If you have time, or are just curious about what the rest of my family is up to – check out their blogs.

My oldest sister Courtney blogs about my crazy little nieces and all the goofy things they’re up to (and trust me, they’re often up to A LOT of goofy things):


And my middle sister Shannon blogs about all her many amazing and delicious baking adventures (that I’ve featured many times on this blog):

It’s like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” except we’re Greek, not Armenian and we’re not exactly famous with a reality TV show.  Haha.




  1. and we wear way less eye makeup.

  2. I’m trying to convince my sister to blog too!!

  3. I jsut saw your sisters who blog page and I also have two sisters 🙂 I’m a middle though. It’s such a cute way to say in touch.


  1. […]  Some of my favourite blogs have links to other family members blogs.  I love it!  {Check out Cait’s Plate and Plum Street […]

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