Sometimes It’s Nice

Sometimes it’s nice just to be outside. Climb rocks… Then jump from them… Laugh… Play with your camera… Discover caves… Climb trees… Then shove your face with a huge salad. Okay. Maybe more than sometimes 🙂 Advertisements

Zoes Kitchen

I’m so glad so many of you appreciated the Deck the Blog post this morning 🙂 I’ll be sure to include as many as I possibly can this December!  It makes me feel like there’s an actual reason for having spent so much money on decorations over the years 😉 Lunch was at Zoës Kitchen! […]


Today was a little nutty! And I’m not just talking about the squirrel on my new placemat 😉 Though he is pretty stinkin’ cute, isn’t he? I was up before the sunrise this morning and I got a nice 20 minute session of yoga in. I love yoga – but I’m getting a little tired […]