I got my butt out of bed and I went running this morning! And as I came back in the door and checked the weather forecast —> rain, rain, rain – I was really glad that I did it. 3 miles.  No big deal.  But I’m happy it happened. Despite the cold, dreary weather, I […]

Joy of My Life

Started out my Friday with a run… Felt so good. Also felt so cold! Hot breakfast to warm me up 🙂 Into the bowl went: 1/2 cup Coach’s Oats 1 tbsp chia seeds Sliced strawberries 2/3 cup water Kashi Go Lean Crunch clusters (!!) Sunbutter Nothing beats melted sunflower seed butter. Joy of my life: […]

Out of Time

I feel like the theme of my life lately is just not having enough time! I had a delicious breakfast this morning but it unfortunately put me behind so this is going to be a quick one! I had a (somewhat) empty Sunbutter jar, so you know what that means… OATSINAJAR!!!!! Into the jar went: […]