Slight Twist

I had a bit of a conundrum when it came to packing lunch. I really wanted this exact lunch again. But I’ve been kind of boring in the lunch realm lately and felt like I should mix it up a bit. Ultimately I decided on a slight twist to both items from that lunch.    […]

Bringing Out the Color

Happy Sunday everyone – I started this dreary morning off with a big ol’ wine glass filled with bright, fresh fruit to add some color into this gloomy day – So refreshing – I’m just loving big bowls of fruit this summer. They’re the absolute perfect dish on muggy summer days. I followed this up […]

Sunday Morning Light

Morning! Can you guys believe it’s already Sunday?  I hate how fast the weekend goes.  But I guess it’s a sign that I’m having fun so I can’t complain about that I wasn’t too hungry this morning so I just stuck to a light breakfast of fruit + coffee – I’m sure I’ll need a […]