Typical Sunday

It was a very typical Sunday in our apartment. We got A LOT of packing done. There was also a little of this: And a little of this: Which I realize seems counterintuitive to the whole packing thing, but just because we’re moving doesn’t mean we should be spending the next two weeks without ANY […]

A New Kick?

Uh oh… Am I getting on a sandwich kick now!? I think I just may be… I mean, when you look down at your plate and THIS is staring back at you? I busted open a doughy whole wheat hamburger bun and stuffed it full of: Hummus Avocado Lettuce Deli turkey Deli ham I think […]

It All Ends.

Whew. Today did NOT go at all as I had planned. I’ve had to get my license renewed since February and just have not gotten around to doing so. So today I decided, was the day I was going to finally get it done! Wrong. The train was down, we finally made it to the […]