Mike the Photog

Evening! We had a wonderful little night tonight! A while ago I had bought a LivingSocial coupon to a new pizza joint in Hoboken and we finally made it there tonight! This was such a cute little place! There were many options, but Mike and I being the boring folks that we are, just went […]

From Nice to Provence – Day 3

I’m glad so many of your were able to see the deliciousness of the Double Decker this morning.  If only I could have shared a taste of it with you all… It was seriously good though.  Definitely a breakfast I will be repeating in the future! Since I have a business lunch today I figured […]

Double Decker

I love morning workouts, but they always manage to make me quite late! I woke up and immediately changed and headed down to the gym for some ellipticalling + back strengthening exercises. Working out in the morning definitely helps my back injury throughout the day so it’s totally worth it – but it’s definitely difficult […]