Cozy Evening

Today was just one of those days.  I just felt worn out from the moment I woke up which meant that I couldn’t wait for the day to be over and to be just be vegging on the couch with some good TV on DVR! Mike and I decided on pizza and salads tonight (we […]

It’s Finally Here!

It’s here!  Finally! I’ve been waiting for Friday night since Monday morning and it feels so nice to finally have it. When Mike and I got home we immediately went out for a run.  I’ve been craving one since I set foot outside today and felt the PERFECT Fall weather! We planned out a 3-miler […]

The Joyful Things in Life

And just like that another fabulous weekend is in the books! We headed to our town’s Ice Cream Shop for one last hurrah before we all hit the road….     I can hardly believe how much older Julia is from the last time we came here! I don’t think Madeleine really knew what to make […]