Deck the Blog

Lately I’ve been looking through some of my favorite blogger’s old December posts to get some holiday baking inspiration.   I came upon Kath’s “Deck the Blog” for Oprah series yesterday and immediately knew that it was something I needed to do – Oprah or no Oprah! I have so many Christmas decorations (more and […]


My day started off with a charge! A chia charge!! I ordered this from Kath’s OpenSky deal and HOLY YUM!!! If you can’t read the description up there allow me: Chia Charger: Chia Buffalo Dirt – chunky style nut butter made with real coffee Mmm mmm good. This stuff seriously may become the new sunflower […]

A Perfect Morning

It’s our last morning all together here in the house so we’re soaking up all the time together that we can get. I woke up craving pancakes but felt too lazy to make them (shocker, I know) – so I decided to toast up some frozen waffles in their place. They did the trick perfectly. […]