Four Ingredient Fix

Deck the blog! I kept breakfast simple this morning as I had quite the upset stomach yesterday.  I wasn’t able to keep much down most of the day so I didn’t want to overdo it my first day back to “real” eating. Into the bowl went just four simple ingredients: 0% Plain Fage (I’ve FINALLY […]

A Thursday Tale

Can you guess what I had for breakfast? I’ve been stocking up on empty nut butter jars for this move because they make the perfect vehicle for breakfast while all my plates/bowls are packed away! Ladies and gentlemen (are there gentlemen?  oh well, I’m going with it because it sounds right) – I give you […]

Regular Routine, Different Scene

Thank you guys for your words of understanding about my flight frustrations yesterday! I’ve honestly never heard of needing to be booked an ENTIRE day later – but I guess things were just a complete mess with cancellations.  I always feel bad being mean to the poor people doing the damage control because I can […]