Switched it Up

My post last week reminded me that I’m not having enough salads for lunch. I don’t know why! I love salads – especially in the summer! I think my hummus & veggie sandwich addiction has taken over in salad’s place this summer (and let me tell you it took all my might not to make […]


Morning everyone! I’m so glad that you’re all as in love with Mike’s dogs as I am. They’re really just too adorable for words sometimes. Oh, and their names by the way, since some of you asked, are Atticus and Ruby. Perfect rottweiler names if you ask me We woke up for a beautiful breakfast […]

Perfect Saturday

This has been a PERFECT Saturday so far So perfect, in fact, that I don’t even mind the dreary weather for the FOURTH weekend in a row! Mike and I had a nice lazy morning, caught up on our TV shows (Parks and Recreation anyone?? If you don’t watch it, you must!) After a couple […]