Brooklyn Brunch

I have a friend in town this weekend and Mike had a paintball game to go to so while he was off shooting things (boys…) I headed over to Brooklyn! I’ve worked in the city for four years now and I think I’ve been to Brooklyn once. Today I learned just all that I was […]

Bryant Park

I was supposed to have lunch plans with co-workers today but they fell through (which I was sad about but also kind of happy because it meant I could take pictures!) so I immediately snagged Mike and made him meet in me Bryant Park for some lunch ūüėÄ It was an absolutely beautiful day outside […]

Just Add Flour

Morning! (or…I guess it’s almost afternoon…) Despite the current time, I was up at STARVING at 8:30 am this morning. I really should have had a snack before going to bed last night given how long it had been since my last meal, but not having done so made this morning’s trip all the more […]