Not Bad for No Groceries

Not a bad day at all for a Monday! I woke up with absolutely NO groceries in the house but somehow still managed to eek 3 more-than-decent meals out of what I had! Fruit was non-existent so pumpkin oats it was! Into the bowl went: 1/2 cup Coach’s oats 1/2 cup canned pumpkin 1 tbsp […]


Evening people. This. Day. Was. Madness! I don’t really even know where it came from!  It was supposed to be a somewhat low-key day and that just didn’t happen. Oh well though – at least it made the day go by fast, so no complaints. Noon came and went and it wasn’t until well after […]

Weekend Petition

How on earth is it ALREADY Sunday night!? The weekends really just go by way too fast – I think we need to get together and petition for 3 day weekends (or maybe 4!?)…what do you say? I was going to skip the gym today but by 5pm I felt myself getting kind of antsy […]