Left Ya Hangin’

Morning Guys! HAPPY MAY! This is my absolute favorite month! Sorry I left ya hangin’ yesterday – the Target near us just expanded into a SUPERTarget so it now has FOOD! I was SO excited about this I could barely wait for the weekend to come so that I could visit it. Needless to say, […]

Yogurt Messiest

Happy Friday Guys! I hope everyone’s getting ready to kick off the long weekend! I’ve got all my bags packed (…okay, almost all packed ) and I’m more than ready to get on our way! Just have this little thing called WORK to go to first! I was up earlier than I anticipated so I […]

Seeing Spots

Morning Blogland! I was up early for a nice morning yoga session. It felt really good, especially after all my big eating last night! After I showered and dressed I got to work on a delicious breakfast that had me seeing spots! An over-easy egg with some salt and peppah– poked to get to that […]