Worth Writing About

I’m glad you were all amused by my story-telling this morning I probably should have lead with the fact that I worked at a Preschool during a semester off from college huh?  That would have made it all make much more sense… …or maybe not. Anyway, let’s move on from how crazy I am, shall […]

On the Up & Up

It has been an absolutely FANTASTIC evening. I’m finally feeling a little better so when I got home from work I headed out for a short run and it felt so nice. I did a little over 3 miles then some core strengthening and called it a workout! I had thrown a load of laundry […]

Distracted by the Apples

Today has been MUCH better than yesterday! I feel like I’ve actually had a moment to breathe, which would be worlds easier if my nose would actually let me do that!  Haha. Regardless, I had a fabulous lunch today!   Deli chicken, avocado, lettuce, mustard on a doughy whole wheat bun. Carrot chips and an […]