Veggie Burger & Fries

We’ve been all about the simple dinners this week… Tonight we turned to the veggie burger. Such a great standby for an easy weeknight dinner. With all the fixin’s. Pickles Avocado Lettuce Mustard Ketchup Made only better by Alexia’s sweet potato waffle fries: Simple and delicious. Is this week over yet?? Advertisements

Double Veggie Burgers

I’m so glad so many of you thought my pumpkin pancakes looked good!  They were ABSOLUTELY delicious.  I highly recommend making them (truthfully it was tough for me not to eat them for every meal today). I was going strong for a while and (oddly) – I made some coffee around 4pm and just completely […]

Friends Kick

Busy but productive day! I got a nice 4-miler in and managed to bypass the rain that has come and gone throughout the day. When I got back to my apartment I showered, got dressed and made a quick and easy lunch! Melty hummus slathered on toasted whole wheat with lettuce  This sandwich can literally […]