Day Off, Catch Up

It’s been SO long! I have the day off but sadly it’s to work, not to rest! But I just couldn’t go this whole day without at least a brief update! Here’s a taste of what I’ve been eating over the last several days… Nectarine Gardenburger on multigrain flat-out wrap with lettuce, mustard, avocado and […]

Gnu Obsessions

good evening! Today was a wonderful day! I woke up nice and early and shredded with Jillian. It was fabulous and followed up by an amazing bowl of cereal – Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Kashi Go Lean and soymilk This held me over well until around 11:30 when I broke into these babies: So juicy and […]

Weeding and Planting and Mulching

Good Evening! Sorry I’ve been MIA over the past two days – I’ve been a busy, busy bee! source Mom and I spent allll day out in the yard, weeding and planting and mulching. Around noon I broke to make up a quick brunch – I made a quick egg sandiwch on a Trader Joe’s […]