My day started off with a charge! A chia charge!! I ordered this from Kath’s OpenSky deal and HOLY YUM!!! If you can’t read the description up there allow me: Chia Charger: Chia Buffalo Dirt – chunky style nut butter made with real coffee Mmm mmm good. This stuff seriously may become the new sunflower […]

Make Your Monday

So it’s Monday. Not the best of days all things considered but I’m going to tell you what you should do today to make it better. You should make a delicious lunch and enjoy every stinking second of it. And it should definitely include this: Because it’s absolutely amazing and it totally made the sandwich. […]

Couldn’t Resist a Run

I’m feeling like we’re in a pretty good place with November love – most of you seem on board, so I’ll take a break from forcing November on you and share some meals with you… I’m on a huge sandwich kick lately… Like, can’t get enough. Turkey, ham, lettuce, avocado, mustard all crammed in between […]