A Perfect Morning

It’s our last morning all together here in the house so we’re soaking up all the time together that we can get. I woke up craving pancakes but felt too lazy to make them (shocker, I know) – so I decided to toast up some frozen waffles in their place. They did the trick perfectly. […]

Waffle Sandwich: Reinvented

So I decided to get a little creative with breakfast this morning. As previously mentioned – I’ve been in a bit of a breakfast rut. So inspired by my wonderful piece of mail from last night, I decided to break out one of my favorite no-fail breakfast items: So hearty and delicious.  These guys just […]

November Colors

Another great thing about November? The colors. I love the brilliant reds, golds and oranges that come with the month and the Thanksgiving holiday. So to celebrate yet another wonderful day of this wonderful month, I brought reds, golds and oranges to my breakfast plate: The only thing better than looking at the colors is […]