Pears Well

Have I never tried pears in my oatmeal?!   If not, I’m not sure what’s wrong with me because it is an INCREDIBLE combo! This morning’s bowl consisted of: * 1/2 cup Coach’s Oats * 1 tbsp chia seeds * 1 juicy, ripe pear * 1/2 cup water Then topped with: * BearNaked Peak Protein granola […]


Today was a little nutty! And I’m not just talking about the squirrel on my new placemat 😉 Though he is pretty stinkin’ cute, isn’t he? I was up before the sunrise this morning and I got a nice 20 minute session of yoga in. I love yoga – but I’m getting a little tired […]

A Perfect Morning

It’s our last morning all together here in the house so we’re soaking up all the time together that we can get. I woke up craving pancakes but felt too lazy to make them (shocker, I know) – so I decided to toast up some frozen waffles in their place. They did the trick perfectly. […]