First of all…guess what I did?! I went for a run!! (Parents of both mine and Mike’s, don’t be mad! I promise I was careful!) It was only 20 minutes. I stopped 3 times to stretch. I made sure to keep my posture forward so I wasn’t putting stress on my heels. But I did […]

Birthday Boy’s Dinner

We had a lovely evening out for Mike’s pre-birthday dinner tonight. His parents came into town and we headed to a place in Hoboken called Court Street: It such a cute little place – I’ve passed it a million times but this was actually my first time eating here. There was red wine (no, you’re […]

Tangled Times Two

The rest of the afternoon went swimmingly. We watched Tangled (for the second time)… Played kickball outside then had a lovely, healthy dinner to cap off the weekend: Grilled salmon, peppers and asparagus with side salads Followed by a crispy Empire apple with peanut butter for dessert – Happy Sunday everyone – hope you all […]