Savory Breakfast

I decided to go savory for breakfast this morning. There are only so many waffles and french toast a girl can take before she just craves some eggs! I gathered up a whole wheat tortilla, an avocado, mixed greens and laid an egg on the top of it all! Then I simply rolled it up… […]

Thanks to Trader Joe’s

Despite having most everything packed away – and literally have next to no food in the house, I managed to have a pretty delicious dinner tonight! Thanks, in large part once again, to Trader Joe’s! I threw some Trader Joe’s falafels over some Trader Joe’s baby romaine… Added the last piece of Trader Joe’s whole […]

Fall Shows

Today was the perfect mix of lounging around and productivity! I went on a baking spree this morning (as already mentioned) which resulted in a very fragrant and wonderfully smelling home 🙂 By 1pm I was FAMISHED and threw together a quick lunch:   I took a honey wheat flatbread, slathered the inside with hummus, […]