Light at the End of the Tunnel

Guys – thank you SO much for all your kind comments!  They really cheered me up and turned my frown upside down! I’m now safe and sound at my childhood home in Connecticut for the weekend awaiting the arrival of my sister, Patrick and Clara so things are definitely on the up and up! I’m […]

Today is NOT My Day

Well guys, the hits just keep on comin’ It is just NOT my day.  On the way into work I decided I was going to grab myself that big coffee that I was so excited for so that I could sip it throughout my train ride while I did my crossword. BIG MISTAKE!  Want to […]

Dinner Disaster, Dreary Day

Guys – Your travel nightmare stories had me in TEARS! They were seriously so funny as I could TOTALLY relate to those same EXACT feelings! It’s always funny the next day when you reflect on a really disastrous experience, but it’s definitely not so funny when you’re going through it!! Sorry for being such a […]