Rained All Day

The rain stayed all day today and is still coming down outside.  They’re saying it’s supposed to clear up by tomorrow though so…fingers crossed! Lunch today was the usual: I will just never tire of veggie burger salads. Or Honeycrisp apples.  I’m definitely on a kick. Dinner was easy: Baked tofu, hummus, corn on the […]

On the Up & Up

It has been an absolutely FANTASTIC evening. I’m finally feeling a little better so when I got home from work I headed out for a short run and it felt so nice. I did a little over 3 miles then some core strengthening and called it a workout! I had thrown a load of laundry […]

A Good Night

I got my manicure/pedicure in! I was quite happy about this 🙂 I went with grey which I’ve never gone with before but I think I’m happy with it! Mike and I usually decide on what we’re having for dinner around 4pm and tonight we went with a simple and efficient choice: Roasted brussel sprouts […]