Breaking Up the Bliss

Sooo here’s how my morning started – Ahh Saturdays. There are few things I love more than Saturday mornings. You have the whole weekend ahead of you and nothing to do, nowhere to…OH CRAP! I have an eye appointment that I’m supposed to be at!! Luckily I remembered in just enough time to walk there […]

Beat with a Captial B!

Hey guys! Just a quick wrap up tonight because I’m totally beat! Afternoon snacks included a delicious chocolate flavored GREENSuperFood bar And a grande iced soy mocha from Money Sucker Starbucks to keep with the chocolate theme Dinner was out with Mike’s family at Quay’s – There was yummy bread upon sitting down – I […]

Going Green with Grass

Morning everyone! I’m all thrown off from the traveling – yesterday seriously felt like a bizarre dream! And to add insult to injury, I keep thinking it’s Monday because it’s the first day of my work week! Anyway, the one good thing about last night was that when I walked in my door I had […]