It Was all About Dinner and Dessert

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had good days back to work/school after the holiday break! It’s always hard to get back into the swing of things that first day…especially in the morning! But once you start working it feels like you never left! However, that being said…it was DEFINITELY a TWO COFFEE morning today! […]

Back to Reality

Well it’s back to reality! I fully enjoyed my time in Atlanta (especially because it gave me more time to blog!) but I have to accept that it’s time to get back to the normal day to day. I love vacation, but I’m also really grateful for my job because it makes having days off […]

Perfect Way to Say Goodbye

My sister, mom, Patrick and I celebrated our goodbye with an amazing brunch at The Horseradish Grill – the place that’s quickly becoming our traditional “Our-Atlanta-Trip-is-Over” place 🙂 I guess Shannon and Patrick figure stuffing us with delicious food will make us feel less sad about leaving. They know us well 🙂 We started with […]