Where Are You 5PM?

Somehow this Friday turned out to be kind of nuts!! I’m not sure how or when it happened but it’s nearly 2pm and I can’t even be happy about it due to the amount of stuff I need to accomplish between now and my train home to CT! Lunch was delicious though (which made up […]

Good, Not Great

Easy breakfast today… But not the most delicious unfortunately… I did kind of a “use what you have” thing with it and the flavors didn’t quite work out all that well… Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad – it just wasn’t GREAT. I like breakfast to be GREAT.  I have very high standards for […]

Thanks to Trader Joe’s

Despite having most everything packed away – and literally have next to no food in the house, I managed to have a pretty delicious dinner tonight! Thanks, in large part once again, to Trader Joe’s! I threw some Trader Joe’s falafels over some Trader Joe’s baby romaine… Added the last piece of Trader Joe’s whole […]