November Colors

Another great thing about November? The colors. I love the brilliant reds, golds and oranges that come with the month and the Thanksgiving holiday. So to celebrate yet another wonderful day of this wonderful month, I brought reds, golds and oranges to my breakfast plate: The only thing better than looking at the colors is […]

Cold Craving

It’s 34 degrees outside. I woke up at 6am and went out for a chilly 3-miler. Despite the cold, all I was craving for breakfast was cold yogurt. It was definitely the right choice. Into the bowl went: Vanilla Chobani 1 tbsp. chia seeds 1 peach Sweet Cranberry Pecan Love Grown Granola Sunflower Seed Butter […]

Changing Seasons

I figure since I’m still waiting for the foliage around here, I might as well make my own at home…. I started with Coach’s Oats… To finish it all off: Happy Monday everyone!