Zoes Kitchen

I’m so glad so many of you appreciated the Deck the Blog post this morning ūüôā I’ll be sure to include as many as I possibly can this December! ¬†It makes me feel like there’s an actual reason for having spent so much money on decorations over the years ūüėČ Lunch was at Zo√ęs Kitchen! […]

Alls Well

So far alls going well today! It’s not supposed to hit until later tonight though so I guess only time will tell. Other than that I’ve had a pretty nice Saturday! I did some baking for my next Health.com article and then headed to the gym (texting with this girl while there!) 50 minutes on […]


Mike is pretty much the best human on earth. Seriously. I came home and dinner was completely done, set up and ready for Cait’s Plate pictures… Falafel night! ¬†¬† I laid 3 falafels over some lettuce and added hummus and a whole wheat pita all drizzled with olive oil. Delicious. I’m loving the control he’s […]