The Great Carving

We got busy with pumpkins yesterday… We quickly realized our lack of appropriate tools and skills were going to interfere quite definitively in the process. But at least we had a good time while doing it!  Who says self-mockery can’t be fun!? Obviously the most important part was saving the seeds… FYI?  Cleaning pumpkin seeds […]

Choices are a Good Thing

There is absolutely no letting up on the Halloween celebration in our house this morning. We’ve been watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch all morning and hanging out… A perfect morning if you ask me. Around 11 we decided to forgo going out for brunch in favor of making pancakes at home. Two varieties…obviously.  Because who […]


It’s an absolutely perfect Fall day in Atlanta today. While the rest of the Northeast is dealing with snow (which, I might add, is completely unacceptable!) I’m here with my sister enjoying a wonderfully cool, crisp Fall day. The only thing to do on a wonderfully cool, crisp Fall day? Feed the belly. This is my kinda […]