Under the Weather

Evening Guys – Sadly my day didn’t progress quite like I had hoped it would. I ended up feeling really under the weather around noon and leaving work shortly there after. 😦 The rest of the day was spent sleeping, sucking on cough drops and slurping massive amounts of tea – I’m still feeling less […]


Afternoon! I’m glad you all enjoyed the Mike and Caitlyn antics that all of our friends always have to put up with!  Haha.  We love to tease each other but it’s always all in good fun Breakfast this morning was a simple egg white wrap – With a little S+P for some flava  With (of course) my foamy […]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AMAZING SISTER!!! I love you so much Court! Thank you for always being someone I can look up to and aspire to be like. You’re an amazing mother, daughter, wife, sister and friend. Here’s to many more years of wonderful memories! 🙂