One More Day…

HOORAY! Only one more day left in this week and then it’s the WEEKEND! This week actually flew by for some reason – I was shocked that today was already Thursday…I could get used to weeks like this! I woke up and wasn’t all that hungry so I just had a small mug of cereal […]

(Three) Apples a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Hello There Blog People! I hope this Wednesday has treated you all well – there’s nothing better than knowing we’re more than halfway through this week! I woke up after a GREAT night’s sleep and made myself a fabulous breakfast – Quaker Oatmeal Squares, an apple and a foamy coffee with soymilk This baby was […]


Hey Guys! Per usual I’m feeling lazy so I’m going to make this one quick! I woke up craving a SMOOTHIE like none other so that’s exactly what I decided to whip up! Mixed berries, soymilk, vanilla whey protein powder and a coffee with soymilk It was delicious except for the blackberry seeds that kept […]