Keeping Her in Business

And just like that I ended my sandwich streak! All I was craving today was a big veggie burger salad! And so that is JUST what I had! Into the bowl went: Romaine Spring mix Baby carrots Avocado Walnuts Amy’s Light in Sodium California Veggie Burger (I think I may be single handedly keeping her […]

No Two Ways About It

I love salads. There’s just no two ways about it. The good news about it? There are DEFINITELY more than two ways to mix up a salad 🙂 Today’s mix: Mixed greens Baby carrots Raisins Dried cranberries Avocado Chik’n tenders Topped with the usual.    Cherries on the side (can’t get enough of them this […]

Picture It.

The rest of my afternoon/evening in photos:                   I have a lofty goal for tomorrow that includes trying to wake up for the sunrise…wish me luck! And now? I do yoga 🙂