A Happy Harry Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day!! I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday!  This week seems to be flying by!  Probably because it’s been packed with fun things and early bedtimes – gotta love those early bedtimes.  Isn’t it funny to think we actually resisted them when we were kids?  Now, if I can get a nap in, it totally […]

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

Hey All – I’m posting a little “afternoon pick-me-up” for you with just my snack (and a fun little photo ) because I’m going out to dinner tonight and will likely be back quite late. I snacked on yet another Luna Bar to get me through until dinner.  I’m going to have to start buying […]

2nd Trip To Heaven

Oye, I’m so sorry for the chaotic posting guys.  Thanks for bearing with me…my new computer should be coming any day now and we’ll be right back on schedule This afternoon I had a Peanut Butter Cookie Luna Bar to hold me over until dinner. Love this flavor.  I think I’d rather eat this entire […]