Beer Me…or Not

Dinner started with this: Then this: I took one sip and happily passed it off to Mike. Pumpkin Beer – 1 Caitlyn – 0 I desperately want to like it, but I’m just really not a beer drinker. It’s okay – dinner was delicious! Roasted asparagus and sweet potato puffs on the side…   And […]

Up in Smoke

Dinner tonight was nice and easy – just what I needed 🙂 It all started with this: I’ve seen Kath use it a number of times and while in Vermont I couldn’t stop myself from picking it up at the Vermont Country Store for us to use! We grilled up some chicken (+ liquid smoke), […]

The Lambs Club

I apologize in advance for how short and sweet this post is going to be – but I am Beat with a capital “B”! Mike’s dad was in the city tonight and we were fortunate to have his company for dinner 🙂 Mike chose “The Lambs Club” which actually has a really neat history (you […]