Trying to Like Mondays

Good afternoon! This day is moving along well considering it’s a Monday. I’m trying very hard to like Mondays since my best friend has made the transition to liking them I’m getting there… Lunch this afternoon certainly helped! I picked up Trader Joe’s shaved turkey this weekend and I absolutely couldn’t wait to break into […]

In The Way of Food

I had a wonderful sleep last night – the best I’ve had in a long while. I arose lazily and just waited for everyone to emerge from their respective bedrooms and sleeping areas before diving head first into a bowl of Trader Joe’s frosted mini wheats: Made complete with a mug of coffee: So good. […]

Not Much

Much like yesterday today was just go-go-go. I happily woke up with no more headache which I was so grateful for. Not feeling crappy makes crazy busy days much easier. Because not much went on today other than meetings and a doctor’s appointment I will just give you my food for the day Breakfast – […]