My day started off with a charge! A chia charge!! I ordered this from Kath’s OpenSky deal and HOLY YUM!!! If you can’t read the description up there allow me: Chia Charger: Chia Buffalo Dirt – chunky style nut butter made with real coffee Mmm mmm good. This stuff seriously may become the new sunflower […]

Couldn’t Resist a Run

I’m feeling like we’re in a pretty good place with November love – most of you seem on board, so I’ll take a break from forcing November on you and share some meals with you… I’m on a huge sandwich kick lately… Like, can’t get enough. Turkey, ham, lettuce, avocado, mustard all crammed in between […]


It’s an absolutely perfect Fall day in Atlanta today. While the rest of the Northeast is dealing with snow (which, I might add, is completely unacceptable!) I’m here with my sister enjoying a wonderfully cool, crisp Fall day. The only thing to do on a wonderfully cool, crisp Fall day? Feed the belly. This is my kinda […]