Running, Pizza and Harry – Oh My!

Ah what a great afternoon    I know I’ve said it before, but I just absolutely love Summer Fridays!  It makes such a huge difference to have Friday afternoon available to accomplish stuff before heading into the weekend. And accomplish I did! I went for an interesting 30-minute run when I got home from work […]

Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Morning!  I will warn you, I was so happy with my intake yesterday that I’m repeating a lot of it today!  I woke up completely rested from my early night and started my day with a fabulous 40-minute yoga session.  It was amazing – such a great start to the day. After getting all ready […]

Soaking Up Saturday

Morning! I’m in SUCH a cheery mood today because when I woke up, instead of seeing cloudy overcast skies as predicted – it was bright and sunny!  I literally jumped out of bed and immediately opened all my windows to let the fresh air and sunshine envelop my apartment There’s just nothing better… With all […]