Sometimes It’s Nice

Sometimes it’s nice just to be outside. Climb rocks… Then jump from them… Laugh… Play with your camera… Discover caves… Climb trees… Then shove your face with a huge salad. Okay. Maybe more than sometimes ūüôā Advertisements

Apple Walnut Granola Bread

I went for a run today… …and then I baked. Apple Walnut Granola Bread. Oh heck yes. This stuff was good. I can’t lie though…I think a lot of it’s deliciousness had to do with the Love Grown Granola. The entire loaf smelled exactly like apple pie. And then I sliced it up and the […]

Brooklyn Brunch

I have a friend in town this weekend and Mike had a paintball game to go to so while he was off shooting things (boys…) I headed over to Brooklyn! I’ve worked in the city for four years now and I think I’ve been to Brooklyn once. Today I learned just all that I was […]