Longest Day Ever

Was it me or did this feel like the longest day EVER!? I had SO much to do and I found it so hard to focus today. I hate days like that. I don’t know if it was the impending holiday or what, but something threw me off! Anyway, it’s over now and I even […]

Stuffed to the Gills

Afternoon Everyone! Did a lot of people dress up in your offices? My office is pretty split – some people really into it, other people not so much. But it’s always fun to see those who got all decked out. I bet if I took a walk through the city today I’d see quite a […]

Make It Portable

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! This week seriously could not have come to a close soon enough! I’m very excited for this weekend, I just love holidays πŸ˜€ Does anyone have any good plans? PLEASE share your costumes, I love hearing people’s ideas! In a staff birthday party celebration yesterday we all shared our costumes and there […]