Major Disappointment

This one’s gonna be quick – I.  am.  BEAT with a capital “B.” I grabbed lunch from Pret today because we’re really low on food. I got my usual Chicken & Avocado salad (comes with dried cranberries and walnuts too…SO good).   Dinner, as previously mentioned, was at Bareburger:     I was SUPER excited […]

Outing by Phone

The rest of the afternoon went well all things considered! I broke around 3pm for a snack… Hopped on a couple more conference calls, finished up a couple more things and then headed to the gym. 30 minutes on the elliptical —> core strengthening —> shower. Shortly after I got out of the shower, Shannon […]

Poughkeepsie & Pizza

Oh my. Today was a DAY. I’m completely exhausted!  Our little wine tasting adventure ended up being a lot more complicated than I originally realized and after some train trouble, we didn’t end up getting home until around 5pm. That said, it was a nice experience – a little hot, but luckily a lot of […]