Perfect Day for O-I-A-J!

It looks like a beautiful day outside! Aaaaand a perfect day for OIAJ! From the first day this Sunflower Seed Nut butter arrived on my doorstep from Swanson Vitamins, I’ve been DYING to finish it just so that I could make oats in a jar. Well, today was that day and I couldn’t have been […]


I can’t even tell you how good it feels to have Cville Cluster Granola back in my life! (Guess who finally got mason jars?!) <— This girl. Breakfast was so good that it almost made me forget today was Monday.     I’m not sure if it was my excitement over the jars themselves (yes, […]


Oh boy. This afternoon turned out a bit differently than I was expecting! Mike and I headed to the gym after lunch, had a great workout followed by an amazing snack: Strawberry Chobani Mixed frozen berries (<– defrosted) Cville Cluster Granola Sunflower Seed Nut butter Awesome. Luckily I had this because what happened next would […]