Do Like the Mediterraneans Do

All I can say is.. Thank GOODNESS it’s Friday! (told ya I’d be saying it a lot today!) This week has been killer. Lunch however? Not killer. Nope. Not even a little bit. In fact, it was quite delicious! Given my love for hummus, I decided to do like the Mediterraneans do for lunch today. […]

Leftover Lunch

The best thing about having big family gatherings and BBQs are all the leftovers that come out of it! You guys know that I’m a leftover lover so I was in 7th heaven with the haul Mike and I managed to take home between the two of us. While we have a refrigerator FULL of […]

Picnic for Two

Evening! This afternoon I packed a quick lunch before hopping on the train to head back to New Jersey from CT ūüė¶ I was super sad to leave – I just love my house in Connecticut. My sister and I always fantasize about moving back there and all living under one roof again. Like I […]