Happy Father’s Day!

I was up bright and early this morning thanks to my 3pm migraine-inspired bedtime yesterday. Luckily, I love mornings and took advantage of the quiet. I caught up on blog stuff, brewed some coffee and made a small breakfast for myself (my stomach was still a little woozy from the migraine and we were meeting […]

Good to the Last Drop

My sister and I are doing everything in our power to enjoy this last full day of my vacation We’re trying to distract ourselves with as many fun things as possible so as not to think about being separated in just one short day. We woke up on the later side, brewed coffee and watched […]

Super Saturday

Today was a super day. It was finally a nice out for a while which just makes a tremendous amount of difference. I woke up around 8 and started the coffee. Mike followed me out of the bedroom a few minutes later and we just had a lazy, relaxing morning drinking coffee and leisurely eating […]