My day started off with a charge! A chia charge!! I ordered this from Kath’s OpenSky deal and HOLY YUM!!! If you can’t read the description up there allow me: Chia Charger: Chia Buffalo Dirt – chunky style nut butter made with real coffee Mmm mmm good. This stuff seriously may become the new sunflower […]


Today was a little nutty! And I’m not just talking about the squirrel on my new placemat ūüėČ Though he is pretty stinkin’ cute, isn’t he? I was up before the sunrise this morning and I got a nice 20 minute session of yoga in. I love yoga – but I’m getting a little tired […]

Last Seconds

I had an absolutely lovely day. ¬†My mom, my sister and I enjoyed every last second together! I also got out for a nice run in my favorite area: Unfortunately I’ve had better runs. ¬†It was absolutely beautiful out and I had high hopes to get in at least 5 miles when I stepped outside […]