Morning! We had a fabulous night last night – despite some dark clouds hovering over head, we managed the walk to the movie theater AND back without a drop! (source) Harry Potter was SO good! I’m already can’t wait to see it again! I also realized how much I really need to re-read the books […]

Show Stealers

Oh boy, my commute this morning was HORRENDOUS! Literally felt like being shoved in a sardine can (is that a saying?) on every train and subway I needed to take! I got into work feeling SO stressed! Luckily a quick switch of the fan and a loooong sip of my coffee got my nerves back […]

All Three

Well, it’s official. I ate all three of my meals at my desk today. Two of which were sandwiches. Certainly not my most balanced day of the week Lunch: Turkey, ham, lettuce, mustard, avocado on a whole wheat wrap with baby carrots and a pear My “snack” for the afternoon was another coffee which ended […]