Savory Breakfast

I decided to go savory for breakfast this morning. There are only so many waffles and french toast a girl can take before she just craves some eggs! I gathered up a whole wheat tortilla, an avocado, mixed greens and laid an egg on the top of it all! Then I simply rolled it up… […]


It’s an absolutely perfect Fall day in Atlanta today. While the rest of the Northeast is dealing with snow (which, I might add, is completely unacceptable!) I’m here with my sister enjoying a wonderfully cool, crisp Fall day. The only thing to do on a wonderfully cool, crisp Fall day? Feed the belly. This is my kinda […]

Mountain Town

I’m so glad you all enjoyed the photos last night – I really had to hold myself back and not include TOO many. It’s just so picturesque here it’s unbelievable. I really feel like I’m in a scene straight out of Everwood! We headed into two today to see what our breakfast options would be […]