Brooklyn Brunch

I have a friend in town this weekend and Mike had a paintball game to go to so while he was off shooting things (boys…) I headed over to Brooklyn! I’ve worked in the city for four years now and I think I’ve been to Brooklyn once. Today I learned just all that I was […]

Maple-Bacon Belgian Waffles

It’s Friday!! And you know what you should do? You should gather up your whisk and your waffle iron and make these: That’s right.  There’s maple syrup.  There’s bacon.  There’s waffle. All together. Right in one. You can find the recipe here. Go make them now then come back with your sticky maple syrup-covered fingers […]

Double Decker

I love morning workouts, but they always manage to make me quite late! I woke up and immediately changed and headed down to the gym for some ellipticalling + back strengthening exercises. Working out in the morning definitely helps my back injury throughout the day so it’s totally worth it – but it’s definitely difficult […]